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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Lots of Fun

This week we focused our reading targets on learning about the "Setting" of a story. We read The Three Little Pigs and talked about the importance of each of the houses the different little pigs built as it impacted the story a great deal! 
I was excited that most our class had heard this story before and were able to huff & puff when the big bad wolf showed up!

Later in the week we read these two versions of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We continued our talk about the setting and noticed that both of these stories took place in the woods just like the 3 pigs. Some of our students noticed that in all of these stories there were 4 characters - 3 who act "good" and 1 who acts "bad". I love it! Our students are analyzing the stories and noticing patterns within the text! It's amazing! I think my favorite part was when I asked the class what they would do if they were Goldilocks parents. Everyone had an answer for her punishment for sneaking into the house. Some friends said she should go to time-out, while others would give her a spanking, send her in a rocket to the moon, or sit her down and talk to her about how dangerous bears could be!

 I read the Three Billy Goats Gruff story to our class. Oh boy, did our class howl when the biggest billy goat knocked the troll off the bridge into the water. They loved how the characters tricked the troll so they could get to the other side. We also discussed how sometimes authors tell stories to be funny or to teach lessons. We discussed that trolls are pretend characters and that there are NO real trolls in the whole world. As a class we thought of the Frozen movie and remembered that they had trolls in that story too.

Review our sight words:

This week in math we practiced counting. We played Which Bug Will Win? We picked sides and later switched sides so that the whole class won when ladybugs zoomed to the top. We counted and compared numbers as the bugs climbed to the top. We are still exploring with our math manipulative and building up our game knowledge. Soon students will be freely selecting math centers to play. I start the year by introducing games - playing them whole group as a class, and then gradually let students play the games independently once they know the rules, how to play fair, and how to maintain focus with a friend. 

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