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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New this Week

This week we have been working on procedures, procedures, procedures!

We are learning how to work in our Rise and Shine binders. Every morning we come into the room and find our Rise and Shine binders and settle into a comfortable spot to work. Some children choose to sit on the floor in front of the calendar while others sit at their desks.

Rise and Shine binders consist of a variety of pages.  Each page is in a plastic page-protector. Students use a dry erase pen and eraser to write on them each day. There is a cover and several pages that were  made by another wonderful teacher. I added more pages to help students meet the rigorous common core state standards.

My students haven't started working on these sight word pages yet, but they will be coming!

 After students are done working for about 15-20 minutes they are allowed to take a break and have choice time. We work on puzzles, building with magnetic tiles, playing with the farm, dollhouse, Barbies, Legos and more! This social time is fun for students. They are working on negotiating language, sharing, practicing social skills such as getting a friend's attention, making requests, and so much more!

Our weekly social skill focus is getting the attention of a friend by saying their name. We have learned how to do a soft touch on the shoulder to make eye contact with a classmate. I watch to see who is using this social skill during choice time. Research shows that students who have strong social skills and "friends" in kindergarten do better in many aspects of life down the road. I am helping to coach students through conflicts and help them problem solve as they learn to make friends.

In math we have started calendar routines. We count to 100 on our 100 chart and clap on the decade numbers (10, 20, 30....etc). We sometimes watch Jack Hartmann's Counting to 100 video. 

Today was the first day of fall so we discussed the seasonal changes we see in trees. I talked to students about how leaves make their own food and how without sunlight the leaves begin to die. 

We counted our calendar up to today's date. We practiced saying the whole date in complete sentences: Today is September 23rd, 2015. 

We echo-chant the shapes as we say their names together repeat-after-me style. 

 This week during reading we have focused on finding CHARACTERS in stories. We have read this story multiple times and we watched the Scholastic live-action video of Corduroy. Our students were amazed to see the characters "come to life." One of our kindergarten standards is to differentiate between books, magazines, plays, and videos. We discussed how the video was similar and different from the book. 

Each morning we do phonics practice. Students have learned the sight words: am and I.
I write charts that look like this: 
 We practice our sight words, letter names, and word reading as a whole class doing this. Reading words and letters like this builds fluency for early readers. Eventually the charts will get more difficult and we will begin reading more difficult words. 

In writing we are beginning to use journals and are learning to label pictures with letters/words. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed the update! 
~Mrs. Martinez

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Welcome to Kinderland!

Welcome to all of my little kinders and families. This is going to be a great year. We have 14 boys in our class and 8 girls so far!  I'm so excited for what the year holds for us.

This week we did gradual entry and I got to meet everyone in a small setting. I can tell you that my students are so precious.

We read two books:

1) Pete the Cat - I Love My White Shoes
We told each other what our favorite colors were. 

2) Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten
We noticed that Miss Bindergarten has many things in her classroom that are also in our classroom. We both have ABC strips, blocks, and books. 

Students worked on following directions as they made Pete the Cat headbands. Students used glue and did a wonderful job. There are many artists in this class!

We worked on coloring pictures and tired our best to make our Pete the Cat picture look like the REAL character from the book. We wanted to be able to tell our family about the story we read and about all the funny things he stepped in.

Next week we are working on letters: ABCDE and we are going to learn all about school rules so our classroom is a safe place for everyone.